Why is high school graduation so important?

You may have asked yourself why a high school diploma is so important. High school diplomas have six benefits. According to U.S. Census Bureau 2011, 33% of high school graduates get a bachelor’s degree, compared to just 5% of those who earn their GED. Earning your high school diploma will significantly increase your chances of getting a college education.

1. Better Job Opportunities

A high school diploma will help you get better job opportunities. You won’t be left behind for good jobs; you will have more opportunities to find interesting jobs. You don’t want to work as a hamburger flipper. This is why getting your diploma is so important.

2. Makes You Feel Pride

You will feel proud to have your high school diploma. This is a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself for achieving it.

3. Other Incentives

You will feel better about yourself after you graduate high school. It also helps to protect your physical health. You will be more likely have access to health insurance (health insurance through your job) as well as the ability to pay for it (better salaries). A diploma will make you a role model for younger siblings or grandkids. This will encourage them to continue school (the circle). You can also learn many things by finishing high school. You will be more knowledgeable and able to apply for better jobs if you do!

4. Allows you to go to college

A high school diploma can also be a benefit as it will enable you to apply to college. A college education is now more important than ever. If college is on your horizon, you will need to get your high school diploma.

5. Higher Wages

Your high school diploma can not only help you find better jobs, but can also help you make more money. A diploma will help you make more money in your career.

6. There are more opportunities

High school diplomas offer more opportunities for life beyond the work place. A high school diploma will increase your chances of living above the poverty level, which gives you the chance to apply for student, home, and car loans. A high school diploma will ensure that you live in an area with low crime rates and are not in trouble with the law. The National Dropout Prevention Center reports that 82 percent of U.S. prisoners are high school dropouts.