About Us

Our goal is to help provide the most value through the education system as it provides long term value decades in to the future for both the individual and society.

Our Thoughts

Education is the key to tomorrow, and those who are prepared for it now will be able to access it.

Our Vision

Our vision is too greatly improve the education of all students by providing support, counseling, education and advocacy.

Some Fun Facts about education?
$ 8,268
Extra earnings per year with diploma
47 %
Average dropout rate decrease over past decades
83 %
Average high school graduation rate
$ 11,269
Average per-pupil spending

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Thank You 911 Restoration of SFV

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Thanks To Our Sponsors

At savesantamonicamalibuschools.org we love improving the ecosystem for education. A number of companies and individuals supported our efforts to improve savesantamonicamalibuschools.org in 2021 by sponsoring us. We are grateful for their …